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Underground Fencing

ORMECO can install most brands of above and below-ground fencing.  Our specialty is custom installations and building enclosures to more appropriately house residential underground fence equipment.  No more cheap-looking equipment, sloppy-looking installations, and exposed wiring.

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Custom Enclosure

As part of our installation, we supply a custom electrical enclosure; this hides all exposed wiring and makes for a nice-looking, professional installation.

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No Exposed Wires

Inside the enclosure, we mount the standard commercial fencing equipment (in this case Guardian brand), along with a dedicated receptacle.  An indicator lamp shows the fence is operational.


Underground WIres

Underground wiring is code listed and designed for direct-burial applications.  Beware of mail order equipment and firms selling wires not designed for use below ground.

Next Steps...

Give us a call to discuss your fencing needs.  Whether we supply the equipment or your purchase it yourself, ORMECO can provide a quality installation.

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