Are we required to have renters insurance?

Yes. You are required to obtain and maintain adequate renters insurance.  If there is a loss (e.g., fire, flood, burglary, etc.), ORMECO is not responsible for replacing your belongings.  Our insurance coverage is limited to the property itself; not the content.

Renters insurance is very inexpensive.  Make certain that you obtain this insurance; email ORMECO a copy of the policy.  Remember: if you fail to obtain a policy or allow the policy to lapse, and there is a loss, you have no recourse.  ORMECO is not, under any circumstances, responsible for your belongings.

Can we put political signs in yard? 

No. We understand people like to show their enthusiasm for certain political causes or candidates; however, you are not allowed to display signs of any sort on the property.

What is your policy on trailers, boats, etc.?

These are forbidden.  We do not allow trailers or towed equipment at the property.

Can we have garage sales/yard sales?

It depends upon any local ordinances or neighborhood restrictions.  If allowed by the city or neighborhood where you reside,  you are free to have a yard sale. But, limit them to one or two per year.

Who is responsible for changing the air conditioner filters?

ORMECO.  Typically, these are changed four times/year.  We will notify you before entering the property to change the filter.

I have a respiratory condition and my doctor said I need to use a good air filter on the air conditioner.  Does ORMECO supply higher quality filters?

Yes; however, you are responsible for the added cost.  Ask your doctor to identify the MERV rating of the filter required and we will accommodate your needs.

Can we operate a business from the property?

No. This property is intended for residential use only.  Businesses that bring customers or suppliers into the home, add additional traffic (foot or automobile), manufacturing/fabrication activities, deliveries, etc. are strictly prohibited.

Exceptions may include: web-based business (e.g., website development, etc.), eBay stores, medical transcription, etc.  In other words, any business that is computer/internet based and does not involve a noticeable increase in activity at the home.

Can we sublet? I need a roommate. 

Subletting is forbidden. You may not sublease the property to others.  Roommates are acceptable; however, they are not a signatory to the lease, so they are not financially obligated for the rent.  Contractually, you are responsible for ensuring the rent is paid and the property is maintained per the lease agreement.

Generally, the number of tenants may not exceed the number of bedrooms.  The exception is married couples, domestic partners, and small children.

Can we smoke inside the house? 

Absolutely not; this includes so-called electronic cigarettes and vaping.  ORMECO properties are strictly smoke-free.  You may smoke outdoors, on the porch or patio (if so equipped).

May we plant more flowers or add a flowerbed?

For existing flower beds, you are free to add new plantings; however, contact ORMECO if you want to plant elsewhere.  Although flowers and similar improvements (curb appeal) are typically acceptable, we would like to discuss your plans.  Call us, and we will send someone over to discuss what you would like to do.

May I replace an appliance (e.g., refrigerator, stove, etc.)?

No. Unless otherwise negotiated at the time of lease, appliances provided by ORMECO must remain with the property.  If an ORMECO-supplied appliance is not working, we will repair or replace the appliance.

NOTE: We can also repair tenant-owned appliances (e.g., washer/dryers, refrigerators, etc.), but you are responsible for the repair costs.

My son broke a window and we need you to fix it.  Are we responsible for the damage?  

Yes. You are responsible for any damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear. Contact ORMECO so we can repair the window.  We will work with you on the cost of repair, but you must pay for the broken window.

Someone from the City knocked on the door and indicated there was a violation. What should I do? 

Obtain a written copy from the inspector and then contact ORMECO immediately.

Can we pay our rent by credit card?

Absolutely! We take all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal. You may pay online, by telephone, or an ORMECO representative can swipe your card in person.

Can we have a motorcycle?

Absolutely! Motorcycles are welcome; however, you must keep these in the driveway, garage or carport (if so equipped).  You may not store motorized vehicles inside the home, in the grass, or on the porch. Contact ORMECO if you have any questions.

Can I paint or make modifications to the house?

No. You are not permitted to make any changes to the appearance of the property.

What is the policy on automobiles? How many cars may we have?

You need to contact ORMECO, as each property differs in the number of available parking spaces.  But, generally two automobiles is the limit.  You are required to park in the driveway (if so equipped) or other approved parking spaces.  You may not park in the grass.  Vehicles are not to be serviced at the property (other than washing or performing minor service).  If the car needs maintenance and this service requires more than a day or two, it must be taken elsewhere for service.  Painting, major overhauls, engine building and similar activities is strictly prohibited.

Can we repair something ourselves? There is something wrong with the house and we know how to fix it. 

No. Contact ORMECO for all repairs and maintenance. Even if you are properly licensed and qualified, you are not permitted to perform any repairs or maintenance on ORMECO properties.

Someone from the City is asking to enter the property for inspection.  Is this normal? Can I refuse them entry?  

Contact ORMECO immediately. Some local ordinances allow properly credentialed officials to enter the property.  The reason they want access is to ensure the property is safe for habitation. It is a violation of the law to refuse them access; however, they are required to provide adequate notice and they should contact ORMECO first.

NOTE: Anyone asking to enter the property must have an appropriate photo identification and have paperwork in their possession that shows the reason for entry.  If you feel uncomfortable, or the person does not have proper identification, contact the police immediately.

May I install a satellite dish or outside antenna? 

Contact ORMECO first.  Generally, we do not allow modifications to the property; however, we can work with most service providers to ensure our requirements are met.

We need to move before the lease is up.  Do we get our security deposit back? 

Generally no.  If you break the terms of the agreement, ORMECO will apply your security deposit to any remaining rents.

If we call a repairman ourselves, can we deduct this amount from our rent.

No. In fact, you are not permitted to contract with anyone to perform service on ORMECO properties.  If you are experiencing difficulties, contact ORMECO.

We had a water leak and ORMECO fixed the problem; however, because of the leak, my utility bill for last month is higher than normal.  I want to deduct this extra amount from my rent. Is that acceptable? 

No. We are sorry your utility bill is high, but the full amount of rent is due on the 1st of every month.

We are having a problem and need maintenance.  What do we do? 

Contact ORMECO immediately. We will respond quickly and resolve the problem.  You may contact us by email, text, or telephone.  Our contact information is located on this website.

Can we purchase the property? 

We generally do not sell our properties; however, if you are truly interested, contact ORMECO.  We work closely with local real estate agents and lenders who can help you.

Our neighbors are creating a nuisance.  Is there anything ORMECO can do? 

Generally no.  If the problem is serious, contact your local police department and report the problem.

How often does ORMECO mow the yard?  

Each property is different.  If your lease includes yard maintenance, we generally mow on a weekly or biweekly basis. If your lease does not include yard maintenance, regular mowing and weeding is required; you are responsible for performing this activity.

Do you contact us before entering the property?

Yes, unless there is an emergency situation. For normal inspections, we enter the property on a monthly basis. We will notify you in advance, 24 hours before entry. If there is an emergency, we retain the right to enter without any prior notice.

Can we have animals? 

Generally no, unless the lease specifically allowed pets. Contact ORMECO beforehand. If we allow pets, there are additional non-refundable deposits required and we must amend the terms of your lease agreement.  Pet privileges will be revoked or you may be asked to leave, if our monthly inspection reveals unsanitary conditions, property damage, or we receive nuisance complaints from your neighbors or the City.

Fish/fish tanks: generally allowed up to 30 gallons, but contact ORMECO beforehand.  Above 10 gallons, a factory-supplied stand is required (i.e., no homemade stands or placement of the aquarium on counter tops, etc.).

Large dogs/outdoor dogs/kennels: Absolutely prohibited.

Small indoor dogs/cats: must be housebroken and spay/neutered.

Guinea Pigs/rodents: permitted with appropriate cage.

Birds: permitted with appropriate cage.

Snakes/reptiles: non-poisonous species only, permitted with appropriate cage.

Other, non-listed animals: contact ORMECO beforehand.

Someone from ORMECO called.  They said you want to inspect the house on Friday.  We are at work when you want to come, and our dog is inside the house. Can you come another time?

In most cases yes; however, there are times when rescheduling is not possible.  If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, we ask that you put it into a kennel/portable dog carrier on the day we will visit.

The neighbor complained about our music; they said it was too loud.  We think it's fine. What must be do? 

In cases where there is a nuisance dispute between you and other property owners, you should tone it down. You will be asked to move if we receive complaints from the City or adjoining property owners about on-going nuisance behavior.

We are going to be late on the rent.  What must be do?

You are expected to meet the terms and conditions of the lease agreement; this includes timely payment of rent. With that said, communicating with ORMECO is vital.  We have payment options available, including credit cards.  Contact us immediately, so we can discuss the problem and hopefully assist you in finding a resolution.