Water Softeners

We love water softeners, and nothing adds more luxury to bath or shower than soft water.  In addition, clothes are whiter and soaps lather much better.  But from a plumbing perspective, nothing helps appliances last longer than removing calcium, magnesium, and other metals from the water.

This customer wanted soft water.  After ORMECO tested the water, we found mildly hard, alkaline water.  The softener corrected this problem.



Concrete Pad

Because of an uneven floor, we began by pouring a new concrete pad; this ensured a flat, level surface for the softener.


Utility Connections

Next, we tied into the existing water lines.  We installed a bypass valve so the softener could be removed and serviced without disrupting the homeowner's water supply.

util3 028


For this unit, we selected salt; however, potassium is a viable (albeit more expensive) option.

Next Steps...

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