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We service most brands of hot tubs.  This HotSpring brand was out-of-service for nearly two years; it leaked and the heater did not work.  ORMECO technicians upgraded the leaking heater elements and replaced the underground electrical feeders; these were not installed correctly and did not meet minimum code.  Leaks were located and repaired, and the unit was returned to service.


water chemistry

ORMECO can test your pool or SPA water for pH, total alkalinity, hardness, and free chlorine. Give us a call today!


Original COndition

Because of a failed heater and leaks, this hot tub sat unused for nearly two years.  In that time the cover deteriorated and rainwater, bugs, and debris collected in the basin.



The tub was drained, cleaned, and sanitized.  New filters were installed and a new cover ordered.


Unsafe Electrical

Electrical feeders were encased inside buried flexible metal conduit (FMC). This illegal installation violated minimum code and created a very dangerous electrocution hazard.  In addition, the FMC was not properly terminated inside the enclosure (circled in red).


Failed Heater

The heater had failed and was leaking; it was replaced with a new and updated 6 kW type.


Hazardous Electrical

The wrong type of underground conduit was used.  In addition, it was buried just beneath the surface.


New Electrical

Minimum code requires 18" burial depth.  New watertight, rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) electrical conduit was installed below grade.


Electrical Disconnect

Conduit was anchored to the structure and new wires were pulled between the disconnect and hot tub.



Here, pea gravel and concrete pavers are being placed around the hot tub.  As part of our service commitment, we clean up our work area and put things back as they were found.


Electrical Terminations

Feeders from the disconnect panel are now properly terminated inside the hot tub electrical enclosure.  Wire gauge and color now matches that specified by the hot tub manufacturer.


Repairing Leaks

Hot tub leaks in some brands are extremely difficult to locate. The pipe and tubing in this 400 gallon HotSpring tub is completed entombed in expansion foam, which must be painstakingly removed.  This tub was leaking at roughly 4 gallons/hour.  Within 4 days it was virtually empty.  A cracked drain tube was responsible for the leak.



Once the leak was repaired, the underside of the tub was re-insulated and sealed with expansion foam.


Shaping and trim

The cured foam was then shaped and smoothed to match the contours of the outer covers.


vapor barrier

A vapor barrier covered the original foam insulation.  To maintain a professional factory appearance, this barrier was replaced.


Finished Repair

The vapor barrier, being paper, can help identify the location of any future leaks.  Mold and wet paper was how the general area of the original leak was determined.


Like New Appearance

With the outer skins installed, this hot tub is ready for use.  There was much wrong with this tub, but the repair cost was still far less less than replacement.

Next Steps...

If you are having hot tub problems, give us a call today!

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